‘A’ Is For Attitude

What a good place to start

Photo by Clark Tibbs on Unsplash

Personality is not the same as attitude

While undoubtedly linked, ‘personality’ and ‘attitude’ are not the same. Scientists believe that ‘personality’ is formed within your DNA.

  • Sensing or Intuition (S or I)
  • Thinking or Feeling (T or F)
  • Judging or Perceiving (J or F)
  • in choosing to have a positive outlook you are more likely to lead a healthier life, and
  • thanks to Debra Searle you don’t now have to row the Atlantic single-handedly to find this out!
  1. Only you can ‘choose’ what attitude you will have.
  2. While you cannot ‘choose’ what attitudes your employees will have, you can choose employees with positive attitudes.
  3. Studies have shown that almost half of all new recruits fail within the first 18 months in a job, and over 80% of them failed for a reason related to their attitude.



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Paul Helsby HR

HR Consultant @ PR-HR Solutions Ltd. Writing to share experiences — good and bad — gained from 25+ years in HR.