Holding Employee Data — What You Really Must Know

What to do with the file you hide from others in the bottom of your drawer

Photo by AbsolutVision on Unsplash
  • Delete all emails about Jimmy Smith (especially the ones where I described him as “… as thick as two short planks!)
  • the information which relates to a living person who can be identified from that data (a ‘data subject’) on its own, or when taken together with other information which is likely to come into our possession.
  • (including) any expression of opinion about the person and an indication of the intentions of us or others, in respect of that person. It does not include anonymised data.
  • Response — Yes, the Subject Line and content, make it clear that the person being described is Jimmy Smith.
  • Response — Yes, the content of the email related to; was about; & linked to, Jimmy Smith
  • Response — Yes, Joe makes it very clear — as the owner — that he does not see a future for Jimmy within the organisation



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Paul Helsby HR

HR Consultant @ PR-HR Solutions Ltd. Writing to share experiences — good and bad — gained from 25+ years in HR.